chestnut-grove-resort (1)In the mid 1800’s, the property that is now Chestnut Grove Resort was farmland.  The Lakehouse on the north end of the resort is actually a log cabin that has been modernized. This was the original homestead, once known as the Klondike House.

Around 1880 the main lodge was built. It was used as a summer retreat for wealthy families from New York and Philadelphia.  Customarily, the husband would send his wife and children to stay in the mountains where the climate was cooler and less humid, the men would divide their time between maintaining their business in the city, and relaxing with their family in the Pocono’s.  This tradition continued until the late 1920’s.

From 1930 to the mid 1940’s the main building was used as a boarding house and hunting lodge that included meals with the rooms.  In the late 1940’s the lodge was transformed in the Pocono’s first honeymoon resort, and officially named Chestnut Grove Lodge.  At that time the outside swimming pool was installed (from four sections of solid steel welded together), ten poolside cabins were built, and a tennis court was constructed.  Chestnut Grove welcomed honeymooners for over twenty years.

As the Pocono’s increased in popularity with family vacationers, the need for family oriented resorts was apparent.  In 1974 Chestnut Grove Lodge became Chestnut Grove Resort, one of the first establishments to cater exclusively to family groups. The stream that runs through the property was made into a lake for boating and fishing. The Vista units were completed and soon after the Lakeside cabins were added.  Later, the indoor pool and Carriage House were built to make Chestnut Grove Resort into what it is today, one of the leading family resorts.